Hey! My name is Alexander Rudenshiold, and this is my newsletter.

Yes, this is named after a Fugazi album; no, it is not my favourite Fugazi album. I picked the name because cultural-political critique, the thing which this newsletter concerns itself with, is fully a nothingburger (yes, it is 2016): an air of expertise put-on to comment about constructs’ effect on other constructs. Not to say that these things don’t have “real-world consequences”, but rather to acknowledge their falsity. Similarly, I’m referring to this as a newsletter for nobody. I tend to think that on the internet everyone is a dog, metaphorically of course (most of the time). The depersonalization of the self and dehumanization of others which occurs over digital media has resulted in an alternate, inescapable, Extremely Online reality where nobody is anybody – and at this point, it’s probably better to just accept that than to fight against it.

I was born in 1998 in Denmark, and subsequently moved to a country with a significantly worse quality of life, where I now attend graduate school at UVA: more in search of meaning than in search of a degree in Media Studies. In my spare time I like to cause extreme weather events and somewhat successfully play in a screamo band.

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